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HLS International Community of Practice

The Centre for Public Impact, together with WINfinity have created a set of collective learning opportunities for people who want to explore both the ideas and the practical challenges of enacting HLS approaches.

From our conversations so far with those who are undertaking these explorations, we think that initially there are two sets of groups with which we will start - each with different learning needs:

1. The pioneers

Those who have already begun, or are on the verge of beginning experiments/explorations with HLS.

These are a pioneering group of public managers and leaders around the world, who have directly participated in conversations with us and have asked for a small, dedicated Action Learning Group - a facilitated space where they can:

  • Support one another to design their HLS experiments/change programmes

  • Share and reflect on how those experiments and explorations are going

To learn more about the Action Learning Group, click here.

If you are ready to start your HLS exploration, and would like to be part of this Action Learning Group, click the button below, so we may assess readiness and timing - either for the initial group, or subsequent groups going forward.

Join the Action Learning Group

2. The curious

Those who want to understand more about mindsets and principles that support HLS practices.

Perhaps you have only just now discovered there is another, different way, and are curious to learn more. Or perhaps you are a veteran who has been practicing quietly in the background for years, perhaps under another name or label, and you just want to know there are more people like you “out there”.

For these curious people, WINfinity will co-develop and adapt a more detailed offering of environments and experiences with you, by way of Sentiment Polling, leading to sensemaking groups. These groups will emerge from the feedback received by your participation in the following, which are currently being considered for 2022:

  • Live, experiential Learning Opportunities (dips, digs and dives)

  • Learning Modules focused on mindset and conversation, available on demand

  • Tools for Values-Based Decision-Making (individually & collectively)

  • Facilitation, Coaching and Mentorship Opportunities 

  • Presentations by HLS veterans

  • Q&A Sessions with those conducting HLS Experiments

  • Events presented by HLS’s Action Learning Group

To learn more about the Sensemaking Groups, click here.

If you are curious about the HLS approach and would like to join with others to make sense of it, click the button below.

Join the sensemaking group

Join the conversation

Are you exploring how government can be better?

If you’re looking for inspiration and examples of government innovation, or interested to learn how the current models of government are evolving to shape a new future, that embraces complexity, values relationships and prioritises learning, then we want to hear from you.

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