Since 2015, the Centre for Public Impact has been working all over the world to understand how public impact can be achieved. Whenever we learn something new about effective government, we share it widely.  We also guide governments on how to get there and we work closely with all the stakeholders who can help make success happen – especially citizens.

Our global footprint spans six continents – we are never not moving – and we would be delighted to come to you, wherever you are, to get you started on your journey to public impact.


We have permanent offices in:

Washington DC, USA (covering all of North America)

Sao Paulo, Brazil (covering all of Latin America)

Sydney, Australia (covering Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia)

And for all other regions, our global team:

London, UK.


Contact us at the global team or the relevant office and we look forward to understanding how we can help you unlock the positive potential of governments.

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