Public impact challenges in Australia and New Zealand

Across Australia and New Zealand, governments are facing challenges in delivering better outcomes for their citizens. In these times of constant political, social and technological change, and citizens who are growing more distrustful of government, government’s traditional approaches often fail to deliver impact.

Governments and partner organisations want to become more effective, but often lack the capabilities, frameworks and tools to cut through the complexity.

New approaches to deliver impact

The Centre for Public Impact is looking at new approaches that help government’s turn ideas into impact.

In Australia and New Zealand, we are exploring what the future of government could look like, and having a conversation about how we can build a more legitimate government.

Our frameworks, tools and partnerships support governments to navigate the challenges they face, and increase the public impact of their policies

We’ve worked with governments across the region

While only founded in 2018, we’ve worked with a number of government organisations across Australia, including the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance, NSW Treasury, the Cabinet Office in South Australia, and the Commonwealth Departments of Human Services and Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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