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Economic Mobility in North America

We help governments and their partners enhance people's economic condition and thrive over time.

Why this matters

Economic mobility is the ability of each individual, community, and country to improve its economic condition and flourish over time.

CPI believes the opportunity for residents to achieve upward economic mobility is a foundational component of free and fair democracy.

In today’s evolving economy, however, not everyone starts at the same place on the 'ladder of economic mobility' or has the same opportunity to advance. Gender, geography, race, and place of birth all impact individual and community mobility.

The challenge

Where an individual starts on the ladder of economic mobility, systemic inequities, and individual extraneous circumstances are intersecting to leave millions of people behind

  • A third of Americans live in communities with indicators of significant economic distress.

  • Only 50% of today's children will outearn their parents.

  • Since 1979, the bottom 10% of workers saw a 4% wage growth.

  • Workers don't believe the government will prepare them for the future of work.

What we do

CPI is committed to creating an inclusive economy for all. We provide governments and change agents with the resources they need to repair the ladder of economic mobility through:

  • Projects & Partnerships

  • Tools & Trainings

  • Research & Convenings

Our work is focused on high impact areas such as: the future of work, shared economic prosperity, equitable growth, and inclusive skills development.

Our Work in Action

Partner with us

We work with and are seeking dynamic partners and funders to expand our economic mobility work.

If your organization is interested in tackling inequalities and creating more economic opportunity, we want to hear from you!

Together we can build a more promising future for all people across North America.

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If you're interested in tackling inequalities and creating more economic opportunity, or if you a public impact story to share, let us know. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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