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City Innovation in North America

Urban Issues Today

North American cities are at a unique inflection point in history. The challenges they face – deteriorating infrastructure, aging populations, rising resident expectations, widening inequality – are more complex than ever. At the same time, a devolution of power from the national to the local level, new technologies, and residents hungry for engagement mean that cities’ ability to control their own fate has never been greater.

A great challenge and opportunity

We believe that innovators in local governments can be the vanguard in creating cities that are more equitable, livable, and resilient. Already, a new movement of public sector innovation is profoundly shaping the future of cities. However, the work has just begun, and these public problem-solvers need support to bring this new paradigm to life.

Committed to building a better future for cities

We collaborate with local governments and their partners in the private and social sectors to accelerate a new paradigm of public sector innovation.

This new way of thinking and working taps into the expertise of residents and frontline staff to address pressing societal challenges, creating government that is both more effective and more legitimate for the residents it serves.

We have worked with 70+ cities to equip public problem solvers with core innovation skills and support them as they design, test, and pilot solutions to pressing urban challenges. Select feature partnerships include:

Working with CPI to build a better future of cities

We are seeking dynamic partners and funders to expand our city innovation work. If your organization is interested in building a better future for North American cities, we want to hear from you! Together, we can catalyze innovation and create more equitable, inclusive and livable cities.

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