Achieving Public Impact in Latin America

The challenges and areas for improvement in governments in Latin America are several: inequality is still at concerning levels; services and processes have many inefficiencies and citizen outcomes lack quality. On the other hand, citizens are getting more and more digital, connecting with the entire world and raising expectations on the government deliveries.

Governments need fast pace changes. A new approach and supportive partnerships are essential to achieve the best delivery to citizens.

Strategic knowledge for Public Impact

From our perspective, innovating with purpose, having long-term partnerships and sharing knowledge can lead to great results on how governments in Latin America achieve public impact.

CPI Latam is working to create knowledge and strategies that can make governments more efficient, legitimate and citizen-oriented. We also bring to light important topics on public sector, in order to have more solid and impactful debates.

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Partnerships to improve Latam governments

Since 2018, we have collaborated with civil society organizations and governments to create strategies on how we could improve multiple departments of Brazilian public sector and turn their actions into impact.

We have also spread the discussion about public impact, bringing together people inside civil society organizations and in many levels of government to analyze initiatives and have ideas for improvement.

You can learn more about our work by checking our cases at The Public Impact Observatory or articles at CPI website, such as the Digital Transformation Series.

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