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Article Article September 26th, 2017

What drives legitimacy in government? Global Discussion Paper

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The Centre for Public Impact invites you to explore the concept of government legitimacy with us. What are the sources of legitimacy, and how can legitimacy be strengthened?

This global discussion paper seeks to help answer these questions, exploring what legitimacy is and how governments can strengthen their legitimacy in order to improve their public impact. Its aim is not to provide the answers, or even to push the discussion in one direction or another. Instead, we want the conversation to be open and wide-ranging and involve people with varied perspectives and from around the world.

We want to find out what legitimacy means to different people, how it looks, and what governments can do to build legitimacy. We are interested in understanding how to improve the quality of the relationship between government and citizens in order to build the reservoir of support that governments need to deliver public impact.

If you have answers or ideas - or can think of more questions we should be asking - join the conversation @CPI_foundation using the hashtag #findinglegitimacy or email us at

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Nadine Smith Founder & CEO, Nadine Smith Consulting
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