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November 3rd, 2017
Danny Buerkli Co-Founder, staatslabor

In conversation with… Derval Usher, Head of Office for Pulse Lab Jakarta

“It’s a new way of looking at really entrenched problems,” says Derval Usher, head of office for Pulse Lab Jakarta. You can say that again.

She sits down with CPI’s Danny Buerkli to explain how she and her team help facilitate the adoption of new approaches for applying new, digital data sources and real-time analysis techniques to social development in Indonesia and across the southeast Asia region. They discuss how they go about harnessing the power of social media to help the government understand the priorities and needs of the Indonesian population, particularly in relation to pressing social issues such as the annual blight of forest fires.

Find out how they are giving voice to the people and helping Indonesia’s policymakers develop an ‘early warning system’ for emerging issues and challenges.

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Danny Buerkli Co-Founder, staatslabor
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