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November 10th, 2017
Danny Buerkli Co-Founder, staatslabor

In conversation with… Ivar Tallo, co-founder of Estonia’s e-Governance Academy

Few – if any – countries are as closely identified with digital technology as Estonia. It has been blazing a digital trail for many years and continues to lead the way in its deployment of cutting edge systems that are delivering a raft of citizen-centric services to its population.  One man who knows all about their approach is Ivar Tallo, a former Estonian parliamentarian who also co-founded the country’s e-Governance Academy, an organisation set up to create and transfer knowledge and best practices on e-governance, e-democracy, national cybersecurity and open information societies.

He sat down with CPI’s Danny Buerkli recently to discuss Estonia’s digital track record, what makes it different to other countries,  the importance of trust in digitisation and much more…

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Danny Buerkli Co-Founder, staatslabor
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