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Article July 17th, 2017

In conversation with… disability activist Eddie Ndopu

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Eddie Ndopu has quite a story to tell. Originally from South Africa, he is the former head of Amnesty International’s youth programme for Africa and is also a former research analyst for the World Economic Forum. He lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and has been using a wheelchair since the age of seven. He is the first African student with a disability to be accepted into Oxford University, where he is currently studying for a master’s in public policy.

He talks about his experiences and shares his insights with Jorge Hargrave in the latest CPI podcast. Find out why he thinks his life “is the manifestation of possibility”, why his plan to become the first disabled person in space is not about having an adventure, but actually about making a political statement, and much more…

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Jorge Hargrave Director, Latin America
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