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Podcast Article September 6th, 2017

In conversation with… GovTrack founder Josh Tauberer

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There’s no doubt that use of artificial intelligence in government has its opponents and supporters. Someone who is firmly in the latter’s camp is Josh Tauberer, founder of GovTrack US, a website helps ordinary citizens find and track bills in the US Congress and understand their representatives’ legislative record.

In this latest CPI Podcast he tells Joel Tito why he is so optimistic about the deployment of AI in the public sector, the use of algorithms in generating citizen outcomes and much more…

The Centre for Public Impact is investigating the way in which artificial intelligence  can improve outcomes for citizens. 

Are you working in government and interested in how AI applies to your practice? Or are you are an AI practitioner who thinks your tools can have an application in government? If so, please get in touch.

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Joel Tito Fellow, Centre for Public Impact
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