Let us help you tackle your toughest policy puzzles

Nobody should have to take on the world’s most pressing challenges alone. Sometimes, what we need is a new way to think about a problem and a collective effort from all involved.

That’s why we’ve developed the Public Impact Lab.

A one or two-day session that focuses entirely on your impact challenge, bringing together different perspectives on how to tackle it, using virtual reality to help participants see how to predict impact.

A simple yet effective way to assess public policy

At the heart of our Lab are our Public Impact Fundamentals, a simple yet effective tool to assess why a policy, initiative or programme is not delivering the impact it has been designed to achieve.

Public Impact Labs begin with a pre-Lab engagement, where we clearly define the problem with you during an initial consultation and then reach out to stakeholders and citizens to get their views.

During the Public Impact Lab, we’ll work with your team and those impacted to analyse the policy in-depth and co-design approaches to improve it.

Labs are followed by three consultations as part of six months of sustained support, where you are assigned a dedicated team member to collaborate with you on anything related to your challenge.


We’ll help you

Steps to impact

We can work with you to fully tailor our Public Impact Lab to your needs and capacity within your teams. Labs can work at any stage of a government project and with any public sector organisation that faces challenges around achieving public impact.

  • Tell us what you’re trying to achieve

  • Let us analyse the problem

  • Get a custom strategy designed for greater impact

The Lab was a great way to structure an informed conversation between partners and score our effectiveness on delivery.
- Participant of a Public Impact Lab, UK, April 2018

Other ways we can help you make impact