Design and deliver impactful policies

We know that exploring new methods and techniques of policymaking is often lost in the hectic day-to-day running of government at any level. We also know how large the gap between ideas and impact can be, and the impact which citizens feel works too.

For this reason, we’ve developed a bespoke professional development programme that provides policymakers with the right skills to design and deliver impactful policies.

Tools to help you make public impact

Our Professional Development sessions are based on teamwork and designed to build new skills within your organisation or department. We typically plan for a minimum of two sessions over at least a month, giving participants the opportunity to apply new methods in practice.

At the end of our programme, you and your team will have the knowledge and tools to make real long-term public impact.

I work in the central planning unit [of the UK government] and my work often involves communicating across departments. I find the Fundamentals incredibly useful as a tool to align everyone’s language and illustrate my ideas across different teams.
- Participant of a CPI Professional Development Workshop, November 2017

Other ways we can help you make impact