Re-connect and build trust

We’ve proven that legitimacy is a key ingredient when it comes to achieving public impact.

However, in our #FindingLegitimacy conversations with governments and citizens around the world, we heard that there is an increasing disconnect between people and government.

This divide makes listening and understanding even harder, adding another hurdle to government’s ability to deliver effective policies and further eroding trust.

Helping you build stronger relationships with citizens

We can help break the vicious circle and support governments to better understand and tackle potential legitimacy challenges that they face. Whether at policy, organisational or national level.

Our research has helped identify why governments have fallen into the ‘consultation trap’. Discover what governments can do to build better relationships with citizens.

Finding Legitimacy

One of the toughest questions for government today relates to their legitimacy – how to think about it, how to solve it, how to understand it and how to strengthen it. To find answers to these questions, we launched the #FindingLegitimacy project in 2017.

  • We spoke with 300 citizens

  • 120 experts from government and academia

  • 25 countries involved so far

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For the few days immediately after the event, my mind was racing with all the great ideas the young people shared. I find myself still preoccupied with the ideas the participants raised and the potential for more conversations of this kind.
- Rhonda Moore, participant of a CPI Citizen Conversation in Canada

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