An in-depth look at impact drivers and barriers

While every organisation and government is different, many share similar challenges. There’s a lot we can learn from each other, yet finding out what works, what doesn’t and why isn’t easy.

To overcome this challenge, we’ve developed a case study format that offers an in-depth diagnosis of impact drivers and barriers.

Key insights on how others have achieved positive change

We conduct bespoke research on policies in your policy area of interest, such as education, urbanisation and health using The Public Impact Fundamentals.

Our analysis allows us to extract key lessons and provide you with insights on how others have achieved positive change.

We’ll help you

The case studies are plentiful, diverse, clearly-written and well-structured. They provide a real sense that CPI is sharing not just frameworks and data, but tangible examples of public impact, good and bad.
- Jim Minifie, Grattan Insitute

Other ways we can help you make impact