Designing effective policy is tough

We have a way to help governments, civil servants and policymakers break through the complexity and make achieving public impact easier

Achieving public impact isn’t easy

Solving society’s biggest problems is no quick fix. With all the moving parts that come into play for governments and policymakers, designing policy that positively impacts people’s lives is not easy.

Cutting through the complexity

Those who work in the public sector have the power to improve the lives of people everywhere. But too often, government initiatives struggle to have the impact they set out to achieve.

We have extensive experience working with organisations, governments and universities around the world to help strengthen their public impact. We’re committed to working with organisations and individuals that share our values and believe in the positive power of governments.

How we do it
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[The Public Impact Fundamentals framework] helps shine a light on the many different layers that go into public policy. We tend to focus on what we know or are comfortable with and ignore areas we are not. The tool is really useful in breaking down those challenges.

Senior public servant

Seattle Department of Transportation, USA

The Public Impact Fundamentals Framework

To make achieving public impact easier, we’ve developed the Public Impact Fundamentals framework. This framework is a tried and tested, simple and effective way to help you understand what makes a policy a success so you can increase the chances of your policy achieving public impact.

Learn more

  • The Public Impact Observatory

    Learning from policy success and failure from around the world can help policymakers drive public impact in everything they do. You can read about how other governments are working to achieve public impact from our extensive database of case studies, our Public Impact Observatory – the largest repository of public policies assessed for impact in the world.

    By looking to international experiences, policymakers can draw lessons for their own policy work.

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  • Public Impact Lab

    Nobody should have to take on the world’s most pressing challenges alone. Sometimes, what we need is a new way to think about a problem and a collective effort from all involved.

    That’s why we’ve developed the Public Impact Lab.

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