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For purpose-driven organisations, having big and bold ideas to change the world is great, but not having the expertise and knowledge to deliver and execute those ideas keeps them just that – an idea.

Scaling up and delivering for impact is not easy to do on your own. There’s a lot at risk if things go wrong. But get things right and you can really make a difference to the people you’re trying to help the most.

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Like you, the Centre for Public Impact is passionate about solving big problems, and we understand that there aren’t simple answers to them.

We’re proud to support a mix of organisations, programmes, and projects, that share our values and tackle some of the worlds biggest challenges.

We’ve supported Bloomberg Philanthropies in running the Mayors Challenge in the US and Latin America and Nesta UK in delivering the Flying High Challenge to name just a few.

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We care about impact just as much as you. We know what it takes to scale up innovative ideas. It’s not easy to do on your own. With the Centre for Public Impact, you’ll get great value, and we’re in it for the long haul.

Steps to impact:

  1. Tell us about the impact you want to achieve
  2. We’ll share our experience & knowledge with you
  3. We dig deeper into your challenge
  4. Let’s develop a plan of action and build your team’s internal capabilities
  5. Together, we help you deliver greater impact for your programmes and initiatives

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  • The Public Impact Observatory

    You can read about how governments are working to achieve public impact from our extensive database of case studies from all over the world. It is called the Public Impact Observatory.

    Using real-life stories, the Observatory shows you how close a government initiative is to achieving its full potential.

    Explore the Observatory
  • Design and deliver innovative ideas at scale

    It can be difficult to come up with innovative solutions that work, and very often there are many actors trying to solve the same social problem in parallel. If they’re not all connected, there’s a risk of great ideas getting lost and resources being wasted.

    Go big & scale-up your ideas