Solutions Summit: Economic opportunities for host countries and forcibly displaced communities

With the world is facing the biggest displacement crisis since the Second World War, the Centre for Public Impact and the Alight Fund brought together senior leaders from the public, private and social sectors for a two-day Solutions Summit in London.

The number of people displaced by conflict was a record 65.3 million by the end of 2015, according to the United Nations. And not only has returning home become far more complex, but displacement duration has increased and 90% of forcibly displaced people are living in developing countries. As a result, improving their economic inclusion within host communities is now an urgent challenge.

This event sought to identify the practical, scalable next steps to help enhance economic inclusion and address the needs of displaced people and their host communities. It focused on the five Middle East countries that account for 25% of the world’s forcibly displaced: Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.