About the project

The Centre for Public Impact is investigating the way in which artificial intelligence (AI) will change outcomes for citizens. We are interested in how the emerging tools can reshape the way in which governments reach decisions as well how it can reshape government itself.


Work so far

We think AI will reshape government in two ways. Firstly, it will change the speed, reliability and quality of government outcomes. Secondly, it will allow us to rethink the way in which government itself is structured. As the landscape rapidly changes around it, government needs to think about these issues now or it risks missing out on the significant benefits this technology offers.

There are, of course, significant risks for governments to mitigate when implementing these tools. How will the quality of the outcomes be verified? How can we be sure that the data used to fuel the outcomes is valid? How can the government ensure the security of the tools and their underlying datasets? And what can we do to control these tools?

To help navigate what lies ahead, we've put together this working paper to help government officials navigate this unfamiliar terrain.   Read the report

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